Bright Blue Dance Footless Tights MP412

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The bright blue footless dance tights MP412 are designed to offer dancers the best comfort and is perfect to use in your daily dance classes or auditions.

Product Details
  • High Waist
  • Ankle Length
  • 1.1 inches elastic waistband
  • Fabric: Lycra
  • Handmade in Italy by Atelier della Danza MP
  • Recommended care: Handwash only (in cold water) and Hand Dry
    Size Chart
    Chest 32.6-35.4 in 35.4-38.1 in 38.1-41.3 in
    Waist 25.5-27.9 in 27.9-30.7 in 30.7-33.4 in
    Hips 33-35.4 in 35.4-38.1 in 38.1-40.5 in
    Height 5'4"-5'7" ft
    5'6" - 6'2" ft 5'9"-6'4" ft

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