Red-purple Pull-on Short Dance Skirt MP340

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The red-purple pull-on dance short skirt MP340 is perfect to use during your rehearsals or ballet classes. Designed to fit any dancer gorgeously, this ballet skirt is made of Mesh, a sheer fabric that hangs on the body beautifully.

Product Details
  • One size
  • Pull-on skirt
  • Elastic waistband
  • Front length: 10.6 inches
  • Back length: 12.9 inches
  • Fabric: Mesh
  • Recommended care: Hand wash only (in cold water) and Hang Dry
  • Handmade in Italy by Atelier della Danza MP
About Atelier della Danza MP's Skirts

Our skirts are handmade with high-quality Italian fabrics. They can be made of 4 fabrics: georgette, chiffon, mesh or jersey and are available in different lengths. Check out the full collection of long and short skirts. 

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