Floral Ash Georgette Wrap Short Skirt MP302

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An elegant wrap ballet skirt for your classes designed to fit any dancer gorgeously. This ash dance short skirt is made in Georgette, a sheer fabric that hangs on the body beautifully.

The floral ash wrap skirt MP302 has 3 lengths based on the size:

  • The Small is 28cm long (11 inches long)
  • The Medium is 30cm long (11,8 inches long)
  • The Large is 32cm long (12,5 inches long)

Consider buying a larger size if you prefer your skirt a bit longer and with more covering on the front, but keep in mind the size chart below. (The skirt in the photo is a size Medium)

The skirt has snap buttons that are not stitched, so it can be sewn based on your preference and measurement.

It has the same length both in the front and in the back

(!) Recommended care: Hand wash only (in cold water) and Hang Dry

As all of our products, this short skirt is handmade in Italy by Atelier della Danza MP Dancewear

Follow this chart to choose the size:

Small: waist between 54cm and 62cm (21,25 and 24,4 inches)
Medium: waist between 63cm and 76 cm (24,8 and 29,9 inches)
Large: waist between 77cm to 90cm (30,3 to 35,4 inches)

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