Custom Made Ballet Leotards

Finding the perfect ballet leotard sometimes can be very hard. You might not like a fabric or a particular neckline, but you really love the color. Or you might not like the color but you love a particular style.

That's why from this year you will be able to personalize your leotards! This is a service that I already offer to my clients in the Atelier in Milan, Italy. This year I want to bring custom-made leotards (and also other products) online!

I'll try to improve the process to make it very easy in the future, but at the moment I'll only be able to do this via email.

I'll show you the various fabrics I have available and you can combine them in the way you like more. You can choose one of the styles available on the online store or create a new style! 

You'll be able to create your perfect leotard and you'll be the proud owner of one of a kind leotard. You will be able to choose everything, from the neckline to the color and fabrics.

To create a custom-made leotard it won't take long. Everything will depend on the availability of the fabric:

For example I already have the fabric you chose, the leotard will be made in 1-2 days. As I am the only person to create the products, time may vary on how busy I'm at the time you order. But I'll inform you of how long it will take, surely no longer than a week.

If however I don't have the fabric you order in stock, it will take from 2 days up to two weeks (depending on the fabric supplier) to get the fabrics, plus the 1-2 days to make the leotard. 

I'll tell you if the fabrics are in stock or not when you are creating your leotard, and later update you on how long it will take to create it.

You can start to create your ballet leotard right now, send me an email at

I'll be glad to help you in creating your leotard. Meanwhile, you can get inspired by looking at some of the style already available on our online store.