Black Warm-up Dance Shrug MP922

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The MP922 black warm-up dance shrug is all you need to keep your arms and back warm during, between or after your ballet classes, offering maximum comfort.

Product Details
  • Suitable for both women
  • Crafted from a hypoallergenic and soft-to-touch fabric
  • Composition: 96% Polyester, 4% Elastane
  • Handmade warm-up shrugs
  • Made in Italy
  • For the best care, we recommend handwashing it in cold water and allowing it to air dry.
About Atelier della Danza MP's Warm-up products

Step into comfort and style with Atelier della Danza MP's sensational warm-up collection! Elevate your dance routine with our trendy trash bag pants and shorts, cozy shrugs, comfy leg warmers, stylish overalls and rompers. Our warm-up products provide the perfect blend of comfort and flair, ensuring your muscles stay warm during and between dance classes.

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