Floral Beige Short Sleeve Dance Leotard MP633

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The beige short sleeve dance leotard MP633 is a must-have style, perfect for your daily in studio classes. It's designed to make you feel comfortable while you dance, leaving you optimal freedom of movement. Handmade with top quality Italian lycra, this stylish ballet leotard will adapt perfectly to the shape of your body after a few times you've worn it

Product Details
  • The front part has a V neck and a see-through insert forming a boat neckline. It features a cut under the breast
  • The rear part has a low neckline, leaving your back uncovered
  • No bust lining
  • Materials: Lycra and Flock
  • Short sleeves made with floral flock
  • Recommended care: Handwash only (in cold water) and Hand Dry
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